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2014 Great Lakes Shipwreck Photo Contest judges.

Jitka Hanakova

Molly V, based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Shipwreck Explorers offer recreational and technical scuba diving trips throughout the Western Great Lakes, operating Molly V seasonally from remote sites in Lakes Michigan, Huron, and Superior. Jitka is an avid Great Lakes diver, award winning underwater photographer and videographer; and also enjoys free-diving, cave diving, and ocean wreck diving. Most recently Jitka and her dive team joined forces with the Whitefish Museum and the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society on exploring and documenting the A.A. Parker shipwreck in Lake Superior, where Jitka captured stunning underwater images and videos of the shipwreck. Jitka has dived waters ranging from the Great Lakes to caves in Florida and salt water wrecks in the Atlantic Ocean including the wreck of the Andrea Doria. Jitka has been diving since 2000, has been using rebreathers (closed circuit) mixed-gas technology since 2008, and has successfully used this technology to gain access to cold water shipwrecks at depths approaching 400 feet. A US Coast Guard Licensed Captain, she has been working and diving aboard Molly V since 2007 and has been Molly’s Owner and Captain since 2008. Jitka has been active in both terrestrial research and on-water searching for new discoveries for many years. She re-located the steamship L.R. Doty in the spring of 2010. This world-class discovery resulted in a National Geographic documentary the "Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes", which has aired on national television. Jitka was the keynote speaker at the Ghost Ships Festival in 2011, where she shared her experiences discovering and diving the wreck of the L.R. Doty. Captain Hanáková and her team have plans for many more discoveries using a recently acquired Klein 3000 sidescan sonar system, judged by many to be the most sophisticated wreck-searching sonar system available in the world.


First Annual Great Lakes Shipwreck Photo Contest

Meet the Judges:

Becky Kagan Schott
John Janzen
Vlada Dekina
Warren Lo
Jitka Hanakova
Cal Kothrade

All the judges are accredited shipwreck photographers who know what it takes to image large subjects in cold, dark water, in less than optimal visibility. They've all put on drysuits, deco and stage bottles, and gone into the gloom in 38F water to capture images of some of the Great Lakes' most elusive prizes.

That's the whole reason behind this contest...Great Lakes shipwreck photos judged by people who understand what it takes to get the shot.




Enter Contest

Point and Shoot any depth - traditional
SLR 130' depth or shallower - traditional
SLR 131' depth or deeper - traditional
Unrestricted (multi image mosaics or photoshopped images)


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